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The Reproductive Justice Story Project is publishing your stories of reproductive healthcare experiences across Canada on our Community Story Blog. 

This is a space for stories to be widely shared that might not otherwise have a platform. We’re building a public body of evidence of the issues that patients are facing today. Let’s speak up together!

Share your stories of obstetric violence, gynaecological violence, birth trauma, challenges seeking perinatal mental health support, disrespect, discrimination and abuse from healthcare professionals during pregnancy*, during and after childbirth, or while accessing other forms of sexual and reproductive healthcare. (*preconception/trying to conceive, prenatal care, abortion, miscarriage, infant loss, surrogacy, adoption... we acknowledge the full range of pregnancy experiences and all these stories are welcomed.)

- You can choose to remain anonymous

- Your email and information remain private and confidential

Submissions from across Canada are now welcome

- You are encouraged to share both the negative and positive parts of your experiences

- Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the project

- There are prompts below some questions below to help with your writing process, but please share as much or as little as you’d like!

If you are a doula, student, therapist, or other healthcare professional with a story to share, click the button below to be redirected:

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•how did your experience affect you in the moment and long-term? •what thoughts or feelings come up now when you look back on your experience?
were there other factors you'd like to disclose that contributed to your experience and the way you were treated? (for example, your age, (dis)ability, race or ethnicity, appearance, body size, marital status, family structure, religion, culture, sexuality, gender expression or presentation, education, occupation or income source, chronic health condition, HIV+ status, history of incarceration, mental health or trauma history, or other factors)
many people who have negative experiences like yours do not feel safe and supported in speaking up. What prevented or allowed you to speak up about what happened? ie: did you feel comfortable speaking with your care providers, writing a letter, filing a formal complaint with a regulating body, contacting patient relations, etc.? if you did, what happened?
is there anything else you'd like to include in your blog entry? •a message to fellow patients ? •suggestions for care professionals who may read your story? •changes you'd like to see in your community?
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By submitting you give consent for your submission to be published on our Community Story Blog and shared publicly

Thank you for your courage and vulnerability in speaking up about your experience. This project would not be possible without you!

We acknowledge that it may be difficult or even traumatizing to recall these experiences. We hope that speaking out about what happened can be a tool for healing and change.

Please practice self-care and see our page of resources if you need help. For immediate assistance, call the Crisis Services Canada line 1-833-456-4566 (24/7) or text 45645 (4pm-12am)

Email submissions directly to if you prefer not to use the submission form.

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