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The Community Story Blog is now welcoming submissions from doulas, students, midwives, nurses, mental healthcare providers, and other professionals who wish to speak up about issues that impact their work and their clients. Whether you’d like to blow the whistle on abuse by one specific care provider, health system, or hospital, or call out wider systemic issues, this space is for you!

Submissions related to mistreatment and abuse in reproductive healthcare, informed choice and consent, evidence-based care, obstetric violence, trauma, systemic and interpersonal racism, access to respectful and inclusive care, 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, midwifery funding, abortion care, services in rural and remote communities, reproductive health and rights, the Canadian healthcare, mental healthcare, and child welfare systems, and much more are all encouraged. If you have an idea, chances are it’s welcome on the blog!

-You can choose to remain anonymous

-Your contact info and identity will not be shared

-It’s okay to share details about your experiences and specific cases but please be respectful of your clients’ right to privacy

-Positive stories about work you’re doing/changes that are happening are very welcome as well

-Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or get in touch anytime with questions

-If you’d prefer not to use the submission form, send your ideas to

-You will have the opportunity to approve any suggested edits, make additional changes, and provide a photo if you wish

Submissions from across Canada are now welcome

Submission Form for Professionals

How would you like to end your blog post? Would you like to remain anonymous, or share your name, pseudonym, or initial? Is there anything you'd like readers to know about you? Here are some examples: -Submitted by a (insert professional title) -Submitted by J -Submitted by Jane -Submitted by Jane Doe, a full-spectrum doula based in Toronto, Canada.
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