Get Involved

Get Involved

You can support The Reproductive Justice Story Project by following our social media accounts and engaging with posts. Simply 'liking' a post helps it to be seen by others. We need your help to spread the word about the project.

Have you taken a complaint to your hospital's patient relations department or care provider's professional college? What was the process like for you? Consider sharing your story on the blog.

Are you a healthcare professional or birth worker who might be interested in (anonymously) sharing a story for the blog from your own perspective? Have you witnessed troubling things in your workplace that you'd like to speak up about? 

If you have knowledge of no-cost options for information, therapy, and support in your community or online, or great learning resources for healthcare professionals, let us know so we can add to our page of resources. 

Do you live outside of Toronto and have time to snap a few photos on your cell phone of hospitals & clinics in your area? We're looking for donations of digital pictures to accompany stories on the blog that don't have writer-submitted photos. Please get in touch if you have a picture or two you'd be comfortable sharing with us for this purpose:

Who Funds the Project?

The Reproductive Justice Story Project is tiny and independent. We currently operate solely on volunteer power, with costs covered out-of-pocket and through the generosity of friends & colleagues. If you believe in this work and would like to make a small contribution to offset the cost of web hosting, our survey host account, print materials, and more - please get in touch!

Help Spread the Word!

Know of a great spot to put up a poster? Download, print, and cut along the dotted lines: