Paige's Story - Stratford General Hospital, Stratford

December 11, 2012 - In my first birth, I was induced as I was showing no signs of labour. After an awful 12 hours they were readying me for a c section because my baby was in distress. He was about to die and I felt absolutely helpless. Had I not been induced my baby would be fine. A moment of empowerment as the nurses were holding onto my legs which I realized was keeping me from a strong pushing position, I kicked the nurse in the stomach to get her off me as she held tighter the several times I told her "LET GO!" Baby came out on that one push and was air lifted to London hospital without me. I did not own a vehicle and had to find my own way there. When I got there, the chair bed I was to be sleeping in did not fold down, so I slept sitting up for 5 days postpartum until the last day when a new chair became available. 

Having my baby air lifted away from me had me gasping for air every night needing to check on him.

April 24, 2014 - With my second birth the doctor forgot I was overdue by a WEEK and checked the baby, who was breech at this point. She told me "ohh sorry I forgot you're overdue, come back for a c section today at 3."

I came back and was screaming and crying and terrified. The nurses sang me a song - they were absolutely wonderful. The awful man who did my epidural was laughing at me while I was crying, tied my arms down so tight and my body was going down and up on the table and the only time I complained about my c section hurting was my shoulders. It felt like in was being ripped in half.

He never helped me when I felt bad during my c section!! No special shots in the IV, no cloth on the forehead, no nice words, and when he moved me to the other bed after the operation he flipped me so I was facing the floor then all the way back again. I didn't realize how abusive this individual was until I had another c section 2 years later and the man doing my epidural was so amazing, I wanted to bring him a gift. He was so caring and I was in such disbelief that he had cared for me that the nurses became concerned about the other epidural doctor and made a formal complaint about him for me.


Submitted by Paige Penlington